Causes Of Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath which is also known as halitosis is an embarrassing health condition that has affected a lot of people all over the world. The presence of the odor comes from the mouth cavity. Studies show that the odor mostly comes from the throat, the mouth, and tonsils. Everyone will experience bad breath at one point of their lives especially in the morning, but if the problem persists even after brushing and flossing, medical attention is required. Several factors may enhance the issue. Below are some of them;

Poor Oral Hygiene

This is the most common cause of halitosis. Individuals who do not brush their teeth of regularly will end up having bacteria building in their teeth. The buildup will also be on the tongue and gums, and that may cause bad breath. The food particles stuck in the teeth will be broken down by bacteria, and that is what produces the foul smell. The bacteria also cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Foods And Drinks

Strongly favored foods are likely to cause bad breath. Such foods include onions, pepper, and garlic. Strong drinks like coffee and alcohol will also facilitate bad breath. The relieving part is that this is a temporary situation. It is essential to brush your teeth after having such foods or drinks to get rid of the breath. Also, the foods can be avoided.


This is another leading cause of bad breath. Smoking is detrimental to your dental health because in addition to making your teeth stink; it stains your teeth, reduces your sense of tasting foods and irritates the gums.

Having A Dry Mouth

Xerostomia is the medical term given to individuals who have a dry mouth. This condition provides the perfect environment for bacteria reproduction. Dry mouth can be caused by long periods of talking, drinking alcohol and smoking. Most people may experience bad breath in the morning because saliva is produced in minimal quantities during sleep. For healthy individuals, food odor will be eliminated by saliva. However, those who have xerostomia should seek medical advice to eliminate the problem.

Illness And Disease

Studies show that diseases like diabetes can cause halitosis. Other conditions that can trigger the condition include cancer, liver disease, kidney disease and lung disease. Individuals with the above diseases may have a foul breath because they tend to have a dry mouth. Moreover, their medication may make the condition worse by reducing saliva production hence promoting xerostomia.…

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Ways To Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath which is also known as halitosis is a condition that causes individuals to have a foul smell coming from their mouths. While it may be caused by poor oral hygiene, some individuals have underlying issues that cause the condition. Preventing halitosis is easier than treating it. Below are some of the ways that can help to prevent bad breath;

Use Mouthwash

Some oral rinses are effective at preventing and even eliminating bad breath. However, individuals should be cautious with the type of mouthwashes they use. They should never use alcohol based ones. This is because alcohol makes the mouth dry. That will eventually make the problem worse as dry mouth causes bad breath.


To prevent halitosis, individuals should be careful with what they eat. Foods that are in rich in fiber have been found to prevent the problem. Keep in mind that the condition can be exacerbated by certain foods like onions and spices because they contain smelly sulfur compounds. They should be avoided or taken minimally. Other foods that should be avoided include heavily processed foods that have refined carbohydrates like cookies and ice cream.

Quit Smoking

Studies over time have shown that smokers have a higher chance of developing periodontal disease and dry mouth as compared to those who don’t. In addition to that, smokers have been found to engage in other behaviors that may facilitate halitosis like drinking alcohol and having anxiety medication that may worsen their breath. Quit smoking if you have halitosis and notice a change.


One of the leading causes of halitosis is having a dry mouth. The condition is termed as xerostomia. Having a dry mouth creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of anaerobic bacteria. That, in turn, enhances bad breath. Taking enough water in a day will keep your mouth hydrated and also improve the production of saliva hence eliminating the problem.

Oral Hygiene

This is the surest way of preventing bad breath. Brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day. You should brush in the morning and before bedtime. Do not forget to floss every night. If you have dentures, clean them like you would clean your teeth. Most people tend to neglect their dentures, but that will cause bad breath too. Clean them every day and use mouthwash too. Dental hygiene goes a long way in preventing halitosis, and it is a matter that should be taken seriously.…

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