Top Reasons Acupuncture Theory Is Great

A lot of people have limited information on acupuncture theory. This explains why they develop preconceived notions about it. Unfortunately, this has done a lot of disservice to it. According to Summit Sports Acupuncture, there is a need to realize the capability of acupuncture to provide legitimate healing methods. The following are reasons to study acupuncture theory:

Why learn acupuncture theory

Rich history

The existence of acupuncture and it is continued practice for thousands of years is enough proof that it is effective. In fact, historical data has revealed that acupuncture has the capability to heal different illnesses that affect people.2gwed6cged7cuj22

Beyond needles

Outside notion that it is just needles, acupuncture treatment has a deep meaning. This is accomplished by inserting several needles in certain parts of the body.


There are different locations within grids where the needles are inserted during the acupuncture treatment. You should note that needles can be placed at different acupoints to produce stimulation known as qi flow.

Grid divisions

As far as acupuncture is concerned, the body is divided into different grids just like a map. These grids act as guides for acupuncturists to determine the flow of qi in the body. The basis of the healing process is the flow of qi.


This is internal energy which flows in the body. It is useful in maintaining your vitality and health. Blockage of Qi flow results in illnesses due to the imbalanced flow of qi.

Blockage of imbalance

It is said that any illness results from either qi blockage or qi imbalance. Thus, the treatment procedure you will undertake depends on the cause of the illness.

Importance of pressure

tgwedfc76wud8i2There is a need to apply the appropriate amount of pressure to stimulate the flow of Qi within the body during the acupuncture treatment. In fact, acupuncturists are trained to carry out this procedure, and they understand the right amount of pressure that is required.


These are divisions in the body that act as a map for the acupuncturists. They help differentiate various systems where qi flows. They are related to acupressure points.

Role of needles

Needles play a major role in acupuncture treatment. This is because they are the tools, which stimulate qi flow inside the body. Although a lot of people are scared of pain, which is caused by needles that are inserted into the body, be assured that you will not feel any pain during treatment.…

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